Is the pseudonym of Johannes Gårdsted Valbjørn, a computational artist living in Svendborg, Denmark.

Johannes has 3 kids, a background in software and a possible future in carpentry.

Its possible Johannes might be able to help you out with your project, write him at

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OOtpei (feat HLLW) - Ro [ visuals by SUPERNIHIL ]

Music video for Otpei (feat HLLW).

Python code for visuals -

untitled garbage [computation]

7 lines in an index.html that will destroy your computer and here is the sourcecode.



gutenhaiku [computation]

A Commandline tool to mine haiku poems from text * 80's cli interface with colors * Works great with gutenberg books thx to a builtin cleaner script from Peyman Mohseni Kiasari * Reconstructs punctuation of haikus using deepcorrect * Appends json haiku's to a file and here is the sourcecode.

The Plant | The Stain [Official Video]

Music video for The Plant.

The Plant | Megatherium [Official Video]

Music video for The Plant.

Paul Auster portrait transmitted using his own voice [computation]

Experiments in translating a bytestream into audio and back, play it over speakers, record it with a microphone and decode it to bytes again. Experiments where made using Paul Austers voice reading a book aloud. 255 samples of his reading (2 second duration per sample) where chosen and a script takes a bytestream piped into it (for example a bitmap) and starts speaking the bytestream aloud using the Paul Auster samples as a representation of the bytes Another script listens to the sound, looks for audio fingerprints and looks them up to get the associated byte value. It then outputs a bytestream to stdout and another script reconstructs in this case a bitmap from the bytestream. The transmission of data is lossy but the fun of listening to it live with Paul Austers voice is making up for it.

kfa/sloev - markov fimbul performance at galore festival [computation]

Kristian Andersen wrote a ton a of poems about the silver fox and read them out loud while sloev made three things happen: record players played metal scraps connected to the pickup with elastic bands his voice was processed and amplified by a Pure Data patch (as heard in the video) a computer generated new poems, using markov chains, using his poems as input and projected them on the opposite wall. software for the markov chain poem generator/projector can be found here.

lambdarest [web]

Python routing mini-framework for AWS Lambda with optional JSON-schema validation. 91 users have starred the repo, downloaded it about 3k times a month and have submitted over 60 PR's since 2017. and here is the sourcecode.

nabovarme [infrastructure]

Collaborated on initial prototypes for MeterLogger and MeterLoggerWIFI as well as the Chaos Communication Congress 34c3 2017 presentation. Project "Nabovarme" (meaning "neighbour heating") has transformed private heating necessity in Christiania into a social experiment build on OpenSource software/hardware and social empowerment by transforming heat consumers into Nabovarme Users and letting them take ownership to infrastructure and consumption. We hacked Kamstrup Utility meters and installed an ESP8266 wifi mcu based daughterboard in them to report back consumption and to allow for remote control of valves. Watch the Energy Tech 2018 presentation here. Nabovarme has been covered in depth (and in danish) by the Danish newspaper Ingeniøren, read the article here and find the code here:

kattetekno [visuals]

Collaborated with Kristian Andersen making visuals for ceephax acid crew at Loppen.

Smells like sweat [documentary]

Filmed and produced a documentary on doom metal with Sammy doing the interviews. The documentary was filmed at the "heavy days in doomtown" festival at ungeren